Revving up your business with vehicle wraps

The vehicle wrap market is continuing to grow at a tremendous pace, not just as a medium for outdoor advertising, but also for decorative and protection purposes. And, with new products frequently entering the market – from colour-pop films, special effects, overlaminates to protection films – there are numerous options for complete vehicle customisation to help the message it conveys standout.

This is a market that is continually and rapidly changing and vehicle wrapping companies are always on the look out for the latest eye-catching films to create truly bespoke, exciting and engaging wraps for their customers’ vehicles. For instance, at the moment, many of our customers are moving towards accent colours and multi-colour wrap films to provide more imaginative finishes. Creative films such as Avery Dennison’s Conform Chrome films, which provide a chrome finish and Orafol’s colour shift films, which change colour depending on the viewing angle, are also proving popular among wrappers wanting to create a unique finish.

However, it’s important to note that vehicle wraps are not just for decorative purposes, they can also be used for protection to parts of the vehicle. We’re currently seeing considerable growth in window tinting, which reflects end users’ desire to have something that is both decorative but also offers additional security and UV protection. Clear paint protection films like Orafol’s Stoneguard, which protects vehicle body parts are also growing in popularity.

Do you think you could also reap the benefits of getting involved in this lucrative sector? Here are our top tips for getting started …

  1. Training

Vehicle wrapping looks relatively easy, however, think about all the rivets and deep recesses on a vehicle! It takes time, ability and concentration to apply a complete wrap well. Training is essential for anyone starting out in this market. It will save you time and money in the long run by minimising application errors.

  1. Materials

Don’t use cheap materials! The price may look more attractive at the point of purchase by it is false economy. Good materials make good wraps! Look for features on films such as air-egress, which is a bubble-free solution allowing air to escape, as well as materials that offer slideability during application and long-term removability without damaging the paintwork. These features will not only make your wrap look good in the long run but will also save you time during application.

  1. Tools of the trade

Choosing the right products for a vehicle wrapper’s toolkit is essential for to get it right and will help make the job easier. Whether it is a surface preparation tool, knifeless tapes, vinyl remover or heat guns, do your research, speak to your supplier, and try out various tools to find the ones that best suit your needs.

  1. Stay up to date

Leading manufacturers constantly launch new materials, colours and tools to stay ahead of customer demand. Whether it is a new effect, colour or other decorative application, wrappers need to keep up to date and be informed of the latest developments to ensure they can offer customers the very latest products.

  1. Your Supplier

Look for a knowledgeable supplier who offers great products and customer service to support you when you need it – especially in those early days when you’re still learning.
At Spandex we’ve been a supplier of vehicle wrap products for over a decade and during this period our product range has evolved considerably. Today, we offer a wide range of films for vehicles as well as colour change films in hundreds of colours and effects from leading brands such as 3M, Avery Dennison, Orafol, Arlon, Mactac and ImagePerfect. For more information on the latest products from our stable of leading international manufacturers, or our specialist vehicle wrapping training courses, contact us, we’re only too happy to help.

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