What if you could buy your preferred brands anytime?

After a challenging journey we at Spandex are able to offer sign makers and graphic producers the possibility of online shopping. During our 40-year history Spandex has always strived for excellence in service by sourcing the best and most innovative materials from the leading brands and, more importantly, making sure they are in stock for next day delivery. To complement this, regular training ensures our staff is knowledgeable and able to help our customers buy exactly what they need for a specific job. Continue reading

2016 Predictions

Leon Watson, General Manager, Spandex looks ahead in 2016 and shares what he thinks will be key areas to watch over the coming 12 months:

These days, it’s even more about the end user and what they want as an individual than ever before, and our customers are adapting to make jobs even more personal and customised. To achieve this, we have noticed a steady growth in certain key areas and I anticipate that this will continue during 2016.
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