10 key factors when selecting a banner substrate

Technological advancements are creating new innovative banner products with enhanced individual components and improved structural properties, creating an all-round better quality product with eye-catching aesthetic and a longer life-span. As a result, choosing the right product for your clients’ brief can be difficult.

To help, here are 10 key factors that should influence your material specification:

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Can we tempt you?

In the queue at the local supermarket, who can fail to notice the display full of the latest seasonal offers? And yes, most of us are sucked in and end up going home with something we never intended on buying. How did that happen?

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Mindset over Matter. The Materials choice.

Materials are sometimes thought of as a bit of a sidekick to the main event in the graphics industry, but in reality they offer so much more. When it comes to a change of décor in a hotel lobby, leisure centre, shop or hospitality area, you may be surprised what can be achieved using materials alone.
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