Interior Décor – Transforming the modern graphics industry

In recent years the opportunities for signmakers have rapidly increased, with new technologies and substrates enabling practices that had been difficult, costly and time consuming with traditional methods. Today we stand at a crossroads where the traditional printer and signmaker can make a choice – to transform the business and boost profitability with a change of mindset, or to continue with a limited digital offering alongside traditional methods but without fully maximising the opportunities available.

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Point of Sale – The Opportunities

A buoyant industry

The point of sale (POS) market is one of the most diverse sectors in the sign and display industry. Today, it continues to grow at a tremendous rate due to the competitive nature of today’s high street and changing promotional offers. The main contribution to this can be seen on a daily basis when walking into any retail store, leisure centre or entertainment environment as new branded promotions are implemented almost on a weekly basis. Retailers in particular are changing and updating displays regularly to reflect store offerings and to stay competitive in this challenging sector.

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Choosing the Right Materials

In any application, labour inevitably accounts for the bulk of your production costs. This makes choosing the right materials vital. By selecting the best possible materials for the job, you can improve quality, enhance productivity and minimise wastage whilst maximizing your profitability. Here is an introduction to the different types of products to help you make your selection.

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Better Banners Guide – Choosing the right banner material for every job

Your 10-point guide to banner material selection

The high visual impact, affordability, flexibility and ease of installation of banners make them ideal for visual communications, so it’s no surprise that they top the list of products being created by signage and graphics businesses today. Skilled graphics producers can help their clients make the most of these benefits by recommending the right technologies and materials for each and every project, but to do this they need to stay abreast of developments in technology.

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Vinyl application tips

Preparation is the key to easy application of cut or printed vinyl graphics. Good surface preparation also ensures a long and trouble-free service life thereafter. We have compiled a range of recommendations and tips that may help you with graphic installation.

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Vehicle wrapping: putting the ‘rev’ in revenue

Vehicle livery and lettering has been a mainstay of signmaking businesses for generations, but the trend that’s truly taking the graphics world by storm is full or partial vehicle wrapping.

This technically demanding and visually creative craft is rapidly gaining traction with both corporate customers and individual vehicle owners, and an energetic and inspired community of wrappers is enjoying dynamic business growth on the back of escalating consumer demand.
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