Better Banners Guide – Choosing the right banner material for every job

Your 10-point guide to banner material selection

The high visual impact, affordability, flexibility and ease of installation of banners make them ideal for visual communications, so it’s no surprise that they top the list of products being created by signage and graphics businesses today. Skilled graphics producers can help their clients make the most of these benefits by recommending the right technologies and materials for each and every project, but to do this they need to stay abreast of developments in technology.

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10 key factors when selecting a banner substrate

Technological advancements are creating new innovative banner products with enhanced individual components and improved structural properties, creating an all-round better quality product with eye-catching aesthetic and a longer life-span. As a result, choosing the right product for your clients’ brief can be difficult.

To help, here are 10 key factors that should influence your material specification:

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